Convey greetings or love with our mini bouquets!  It's nice to send these lovely bouquets as thanksgiving gifts for parents.  Just tell us your favourite colour tone, our floral designers will design lovely mini bouquets for you.


*Photos shown are some of our job reference, not samples.  Our floral designers will select beautiful seasonal flowers upon your colour tone request.  If you would like to have particular type of flowers, please contact us as detailed below, thanks.



Mini Bouquet ~ 2 bunches

PriceFrom HK$980.00
  • Minimum order: 2 mini bouquets in same color tone and flower materials.
    Simple ~$980 for 2
    Deluxe ~$1280 for 2 (higher value of flower materials)
    Supreme ~$1580 for 2 (higher value of flower materials)
    approx size: 11"H, 7-8"W