Delivery service is outsourced to professional transportation team.  Delivery charge is by region.  We will try to accommodate the requested delivery time but is not guaranteed and will be subject to the weather or traffic situations.


Secret Garden Florist will not be liable for any damages arising directly or indirectly from the late delivery or non-delivery of orders under any of the following circumstances:

1. The recipient was not present at the address given within the hours during which delivery was requested.

2. Incorrect address was provided.

3. No such person was at the given address.

4. No valid contact number was given for us to make reasonable attempts to contact the recipient in order to 
     execute the order successfully.

5. Our delivery service is suspended due to Typhoon 8 or above and Red or Black Rainstorm Warnings.



Special Charges

For delivery of any basket arrangement with stand or large-scale item, a special charge will be applicable.

Delivery at Specific Time

If delivery is to be made at specific time or within a narrower time-period, please note that additional fee will be charged.  Please call us in advance.  We reserve the right to turn down requests if resources are not available.

Redelivery Charges

For redelivery of orders, a delivery surcharge will be applicable.  Please refer to the Local Delivery charges above.  If redelivery is not made on the same working day or the next working day, please note that we will have to replace your order to ensure that only the freshest and the highest quality gifts are sent to the recipients.  This order is chargeable at 25% discount off the original price and is applicable for all perishable gifts like flowers, fruits and cakes.

Redirection Charges

For redirection of orders, a delivery surcharge will be applicable.  Please refer to the Delivery Charges. In the event that the order is cancelled after delivery has been attempted, the full price will still be payable.